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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fluoridation...is it SAFE???

Let us discuss two ways to deliver fluoride to teeth. The first method is mass fluoridation via the water supply. I urge people to read the book “ the Fluoride Deception” by Bryson. It gives a very detailed history on water fluoridation in the USA and the people behind the scene that pushed for fluoridation and the studies usually quoted to validate the mass fluoride in OUR water.

See this interesting quote :
"In regions of the country where resistance was most apt to develop, we saw to it that virus diseases struck, and when antibiotics threatened our program, we devised other means of vitiating the populace. Fluoridation of drinking water was found to be about the most successful . . ."
. . . -- Rene M. Vale, former Communist and party worker, in her book Red Court, published in 1952.

Source: "The Age of Treason: 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity," by Daniel Taylor

I personally will not drink fluoridated water. Read the book and make your own conclusions.
In a future blog I will discuss topical fluoridation , which may have some benefit for certain decay susceptible persons.

Vitamin D deficiencies in up to 61% of North Americans……….

With all the processed foods , with minimum sunlight in northern states , with some genetic and racial characteristics , we are just not receiving enough of the essential vitamins and minerals to function properly, especially when considering Vitamin D. A recent commentary in a prominent Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, suggested the vitamin D testing be accomplished and any insufficiency or deficiencies be treated prior to surgery. Orthopedic surgeons are dealing with soft tissue wound healing and bone healing, the same mechanisms as oral surgery healing. Maybe we should consider Vitamin therapy for some of our dental patients prior to their oral surgery.
When spending your money on a supplement, it’s important to pay for potency and proven results: You want to take something that your body can absorb and use. More is not necessarily better. Xango’s 3SIXTY5’s vitamin matrix is paired with naturally sourced nutrients and chelated minerals to produce a well rounded blend your body can actually USE. Try them and FEEL the difference yourself.

Do we have Scientific Validity for Natural Products?

I specifically advocate the use of Xango juice , Eleviv, and the New 365 Vitamins. However there are many good products out there and I must disclose that I am an independent Xango distributor (buying wholesale makes more sense than buying retail). Unlike other natural products, that lack third party scientific validity, I have found an abundance of validity with Xango LLC products. Check out some of the links on this site!
Xango juice is a whole fruit puree of the mangosteen fruit. It has been validated with scientific studies to reduce hs-CRP, which is a biological marker for inflammation. The mangosteen fruit which contains catechins, proanthocyadanins, stillbenes , vitamins, and minerals also possesses active ingredients called “xanthones”. There are xanthones that exhibit strong anti-inflammatory effects and xanthones that have strong anti-oxidant effects. There has been citation in the scientific literature of some xanthones acting as heavy metal chelators. Because of these activities I recommend using Xango juice one to two ounces per dosage two to three times per day as an adjunct while mercury fillings are being removed, it just makes good sense.
I discuss some of the scientific evidence and rational for Xango juice along with revisional dentistry on a great audio CD, called “ Mangosteen for the Oral Systemic Connection” . See the store banner on how to order the CD.

The Hypocrisy is Amazing!!!

The Hypocrisy is Amazing !!!!
As you might suspect I am a little suspicious of much of the governments dealings. Recently after many years some non toxic dental organizations fighting with the FDA and other regulatory agencies a hearing was held concerning the safety issues of dental amalgams and their mercury the content. Below is an example of the hypocrisy of the establishment specifically the FDA. They have not rushed to make a decision?
See the below interchange between D. Brockman and the Director of Dental Devices concerning mercury in dental amalgam (“silver “ fillings )
“Subject: FDA Danger: EMERGENCY Action Needed
To: "Dr. Andrea Brockman" <drb@oramedica.com>
The Drug companies are moving quickly to wipe out alternative healing. By removing the "tools of the trade" they are effectively reducing alternative practitioner's presence in the market place.
I am passing this urgent message along since it won't be long before they ban homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, etc.
Folks, the time is now to really get organized and take action for our health freedom.
Here is the response I received from Anthony Watson, Director of Dental Devices for the FDA, regarding banning mercury amalgam in pregnant and lactating women, children, and vulnerable populations:
“We are exploring options based on what we heard from the panel. As you might imagine, a decision of this importance must be approached with perspective and deliberate steps. I am not suggesting it should be paralyzed by analysis, but my experience is that mistakes are made when there is a rush to action. Give us a chance to really examine this.”
Compare this to the recent action taken by the FDA on IV Vitamin C: (Quote excerpted from Dr. John Ruhland, ND letter to colleagues. Read below for full letter text.)
“I was shocked yesterday when I went to buy injectable Vitamin C, injectable Magnesium Chloride, and injectable Vitamin B12, and was told that the FDA has banned injectable manufacturers from manufacturing and selling these three nutrients, effective immediately.”